Chicken tikka masala

After a couple of months basicly living on standard wok dishes, fruit smoothies and variations of spaghetthi, I decided to use my exam period exploring the Indian kitchen. Chicken tikka masala is something I’ve never made before, and I’ve come to decide that I have to start using more exciting spices, so this was a good start.

Now, normally, I don’t eat a lot of meat. When I do, chicken is often a good alternative. It’s relatively usable in many dishes, and also relatively healthy. The problem is that it doesn’t taste anything. Just like a squash really, you have to add other tastes to the food for the meat to absorb. That’s where marinade comes into the picture, a priniple I’ve become increasingly fond of.

Always, when I make marinades, I use a base of lemon juice, oil of some sort, and garlic. To make it indian, I added some spices:

Juice from one lemon
Some dashes of cooking oil
One chinese garlic, fine-chopped
A lump og fresh ginger, also fine-chopped
Black peppers
Garam Masala

(Speaking of nutmeg, I was aghast to learn that it can work as a drug, giving you the same kind of high with hallucinations and euphoria as marihuana does! And you can buy it in any normal shop. Hah.)

Anyway, let the meat soak in the marinade for a day or over night. Will give the meat a lovely flavour!

I seldom use recipies when I cook, and I like to try my way with different measurements. Usually, the only trick to make good food, is to have good and fresh ingredients, and balance the tastes between salt, sour, sweet and bitter. Original tikka masala is with tomato, I think, and not much else, but for me, a meal isn’t a meal wothout heaps of vegetables. I just used the leftovers I hade in my fridge.

To make the food, I just started with frying the chicken in a hot pan. Really, I think I was meant to cook it in the oven, and smear butter on it once in a while, but I didn’t have the patience, so frying it was! That gave the meat a good crust. Then I added some leek (different kinds of onions can surely be used), some squash, celery, celery root, tomatoes and some tomato puré. And all of the marinade, of course. I can imagine that all sorts of vegetables could be used here, ecpecially paprika, mushrooms and different kinds of roots. Towards the and I also added some spoons of youghurt, to make the creamy, sourly flavour. One could also have added a spoon og honey I guess, to make it a little sweeter.

Served it with cous-cous. Could have cooked rice as well, but didn’t have the time :)

This was the result! I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “Chicken tikka masala

  1. Stian says:

    Be careful with the nutmeg. Not only can it function as a drug, but like most drugs, its quite poisonous if used in too large a quantity. Other than that, Indian food rocks. I hope you used Naan bread. Its the best part of all traditional Indian food in my opinion.

  2. Mari says:

    Haven’t really discovered where to buy naan bread in Trondheim, but I’m on it! :)

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