Coupling Grant and Parker?

Passing through my next door neighbor – the cinema – to buy some over-priced pop-corn on my way home, I saw a movie trailer for an upcoming film featuring no-one else than Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker! It’s called “Have you heard about the Morgans?”. I was totally surprised – who in the world came up with the idea to couple those two?

And what about Sarah Jessica Parker, is she suddenly doing someone else that Carrie, her lifetime-lasting slightly irritating character? I don’t know how it would be to see her trying to do something else. Like most others I’ve worked my way through the shoe-box with all the seasons og Sex and the City, and more than once. I’ve seen Carrie do stupid mistakes over and over again, and followed her through all her highs and lows in her destructive entanglement with mr. Big and all the other hopeless guys in Manhattan. I’ve become slightly vexed with the way she always starts all her philosophical postulates with the phrase “I couldn’t help but wonder: …”. And I’ve seen myself blind with the way she raises her left eyebrow at the end of every punch line.

And now she’s playing in a movie with Hugh Grant? It’s like a car crash inside my head!

Still, kinda excited to see if it in some strange and bizarre way is going to work out, or if it’s going to be just as bad as I fear.

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