A Christmas Carol

Today, I saw the now movie “A Christmas Carol” at the cinema. It’s Disney’s adaptation of the old story by Charles Dickens (you would’ve seen it done by muppets earlier). I went 3D, and this being the first 3D-film I’ve ever seen in theater, I was even more impressed.

The story in itself is of course very good, and it makes one think about how brief life is, how many people who struggles, and what life (and Christmas) is really all about. The trick about this movie is that they’ve used real actors to play animated characters, a new technology that first became popular after making Gollum in The Lord of the Rings. Jim Carrey plays the main character og Scrooge, and his mastery of facial features combined with a thrillingly good and life-like animation is a killer (me not being that much of a Jim carrey-fan says something about how impressed I was). It was like one and a half hour of beautiful art. In addition, the original use of  “filming” and angling of the camera makes it so much more enjoyable, especially the sequenses where you fly above the city and zoom in and out, giving insights to different situations and gaining an oversight at the same time.

I actually thought the movie was quite scary, and I’m not sure I would’ve had the guts to see it as a twelve-year-old, but it was beautiful and fun and thrilling nonetheless, and I hope you go and see it, preferrably in 3D!

2 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol

  1. Stian. says:

    Personally I hate and fear the new 3-d trend. I am physically incapable of wieving 3-d movies, as both my eyes work like “mastereyes” , and so, the fancy 3-d glasses doesnt work for me, and leaves me disorientedly watching 3 images, one blue, one red and one sort of greenish inbetween. This is not helped by the fact that I am a huge film buff, and have been for years. I am afraid that the whole movie industry will jump onto the technology bandwagon, and leave me behind in the dust with the option of watching movies produced in places like Kenya, Inner Mongolia, and Antarctica,or not watching new movies at all, feeling sad and lonely.
    So boo to 3-d!
    Otherwise im sure the film is nice, even if its probably the most oftenly adapted of Dickens works, and we have seen it in a about a million previous versions.

  2. Mari says:

    Haha, ouch! That must be a bit impractical, I agree… It can be a bit exhausting watching 3D for me as well, I need a while to get used to it. But luckily, you can usually choose whether you want to see the film in 2D or 3D. For the time being…

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