The perfect day

Yesterday was a Sunday. And I had the best Sunday for as long as I can remember. The day was full of wonderful things to do and beautiful people.

I woke up at about twelwe, after a worknight. Spent an hour in bed watching the rest of a movie, before getting up and getting dressed in my best Sunday clothes. At two, I went a walk to the city to meet Arnhild and Kristina. This is what the city centre looks like at Christmas, with the Christmas market :)

We were supposed to eat sushi at this place Kyoto, but it was closed on Sundays, and Sushi bar didn’t open until three, so we stopped by Dromedar on the way to have some coffee.

After a mocca mint coffee and a mango smoothie, we went to Sushi bar, the best sushi place in Trondheim. We ordered a plate of lots of different stuff; sushi, sashimi, rolls and deep-fries. I had a spiced caipirissma, the girls had beers. The food was amazing!

After eating, we went to one of the Sunday-open shops, and I bought some new, long cardigans. Then we went to Brukbar, played a game of Backgammon, drank coffee and read.

I had a pizza-date with some of the barchief-girls from Samfundet, and we met at Helene’s. After fantastic sushi I still had some room for home-made pizza :) and it was great seeing the girls again; everyone have been unavailable the whole period of exams.

After four hours of eating and chatting, the time was about ten thirty, and I, with plans of drinking, went back to Brukbar. Had a beer there with Tete, Annette, Kristina and several others, before we went to Circus. I hadn’t been there for ages, and it was fun to see that it was almost crowded even on a Sunday!

At half past two, I walked happily home in the rain with Hansa and drinks in my belly, and went to bed alone.

A day close to perfection.

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