I had my doubts when I entered the cinema to watch this movie, but all my doubts were soon overcome. The film follows the regular epic storyline, so there’s not much new there. (It basically tells a Pocahontas-like story much inspired by the  film “Dances with wolves”, as my sister pointed out, although in a fictual future. Mixed in with this is a beautiful, but very standard love story.) But the graphics are astonishing. I heard the movie was partially made by using the same technique that was used to create Gollum in Lord of the Rings, and it becomes quite visible when the borderline between the world of the real life characters and the avatars are whisked out. Still, the artistic animation of the spectacular world of the indigenous people is extremely impressive. The whole film is a work of art, a joy for the eye, and even if there were no action or story to tell, it would almost be enough just to enjoy the sight. In addition, it’s made for 3D, which shows the movie from it’s best side. The 3D in itself was not impressing, but here I choose to blame the cinema equipment and not the film in itself. If seen with proper equipment, I think the 3D won’t be distirbing, but rather giving a subtle new dimension for example to the exciting flying scenes where there are a lot of different objects on screen and the camera angle changes rapidly.

Even though it was released in 2009, it will certainly follow me into the new year, and if this movie says anything about the movies to come in this decade, I can’t do anything but look forward to it.

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