I can’t believe how fast the time is turning these days. It’s like I’ve jumped inside a different world where time is completely off the track. January can be summarized into a few simple words:

School, work, social happenings and work-out.

Every day I got up, went to the gym, walked up to school, sat down to read, and either got to work or to meet soebody after. Not much variation there.

Excersice: Yes, I’ve gotten into a good routine after new years. I was near the point of crazyness after Christmas because of too much food and lack of movement, so it was a good motivation to start again. Somewhat depressing the first week to see how bad in shape I had become, but luckily it didn’t take long to get into old ways. After a month I had lost all Christmas weight, and now I just feel good about myself and the general bounce of my body. Work-out four-five times a week in addition to healthy eating and my not being drunk every day (not that I have ever been a heavy drinker, but lately I’ve been even more restrictive) all boils down to a general wellness that makes me feel happy almost all the time. It’s good.

Study: I was back at school a week before everybody else, and have been trying to read every day and go to most of my lectures. A lot of time was spent reading in January, because I try to take twice as many subjects as what’s normal, and I have to know as much as possibe before I start to write articles and assignments, which all of March and April will be spent doing.

Work: The first week I worked the most, and now it’s back to about three shifts a week, which is what I want, can get by and can juggle in addition to school. Not much to say, other than that it’s always good to be back at Brukbar after a vacation or some such, and I love that it feels like my home.

Friends: My most important new year resolution was that I would spend more time with the people who matter. I’ve become better at it, I think. the first few weeks I saw Ola a lot, and we got to order tickets for our trip to Scotland and England in a few weeks (yey!). I’m really looking forward to it, and more about that will come! I’ve also seen Berge and Kine Renate a lot (both of them being good friends from Samfundet), including a momentous trip to Sushi bar to eat the gratest dinner ever (we are starting a monthly tradition) and an extremely nice evening last friday (a friday off for me, for a change!) with home-made dinner, ice-cream and wine at Kine’s place along with a massage that I was in desperate need of, and then a Mew-concert following. It has been a long time since I’ve had such a good time, and evenings like that always reminds me of how important the time spent with good people is.
Kine Renate has also become my study partner at school, and since I’m seeing her more and more, I’ve really come to love her. She’s just a wonderful and inspiring person.

All in all I feel very happy and full of love these days, these feelings made real in the beautiful Christmas gift I got from my dearest Cat, which has the inscription:

Dream Big. Laugh often. Love much. Inspire All.

That, and a really tight schedule summarizes January. I’m realizing (to my horror) that I’ve become the sort of person that can’t to things unless I’ve written it in my filofax. I never would have thought. I can’t really say that I like it, but right now, it’s a relaxing thing for me not to think about what I’m doing because I’ve already planned it. It works well for a period, I guess.

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