A funny experiment

According to different research shown amongst others in these articles



women are much affected by the pill in their attraction towards men.
I didn’t think of this beforehand, but it so happens that I quit the pill a few weeks since as a sort of restitute period for my body, thinking it was healthy after several years on it. Then I started thinking about this research saying how women are attracted to different types of men when they are off the pill, and how being on it makes you more likely to like men who are similar to yourself geneticly. This can often be unfortunate, because too similar genes can be bad for breeding, and it so happens that women who quit the pill during a relationship might end up not liking their partner after all.

This was all a fun anecdote for me, because I haven’t really been much attracted to guys at all lately (became quite bored over the last year to tell the truth), and I’m now beginning to feel something coming to live again. Would be fun if this has anyting at all to do with these hormones I’ve stopped taking, and if so, it will definately be fun to see how this spring is coming along. It has certainly had a nice start, and the snow isn’t even gone!

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