What a weird day this is.
I worked till the middle of the night last night and woke up at seven to go to school. Never really woke up, I guess. Time didn’t quite feel like it was working this day, yet time was floating everywhere. After writing a while, I went home this afternoon and fell asleep in my bed. After some vivid dreams, I woke up, not really knowing how late it was, feeling a huge sense of longing after something I dont’t have, a massive headache and queasyness, and a certainty that I’m soon going to die of cancer, young and alone, and without someone to hold me unbearably tight during the long dark nights.
For a while there I couldn’t breathe.

Luckily, these moments always pass, sooner or later.

But I wish I could see Cat and Is a bit more. Now the probability that neither of them will be in Norway when I move to Oslo just makes everything seem more gloomy.

Dagens låt

Under byen kan kanskje kalles den danske utgaven av Blonde redhead.

Denne sangen handler om å gjøre det beste ut av det. Og det passer i hvert fall bra når jeg sitter og skal smekke sammen en oppgave.

Under Byen – Den her sang handler om at få det bedste ud af det

På besøg hos onkel
Læderstol i det private bibliotek
Skal hun lære at dy sig?
Skal hun lære at te sig?
Ja hun skal ja hun skal
Onkel bøjdiginderoverher
Åh hjerte åh mund
Svulmende blussende
Belysning Hitchcock
En lille bokser
Der danser graciøst bum bum bum
Og flossede fingre
Og der er kun den hårde måde
Snavs til ynde
Træthed til disciplin
Tranformation af
Et landskab der krakelerer
Byer der styrter i grus
Børn der ikke vågner igen

Alice in Wonderland

Sunday is a fine day to go to the cinema, and tonight we watched Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland. The film is entertaining and well-made, and if you like Burton’s works, you’ll like this one.

Mia Wasikovska is a fairly unknown actress, although I’ve seen her from time to time when I watched some episodes of HBO’s “In treatment” last summer (a very good TV-series about psychology). She did a wonderful job as Alice in the movie. Not much bad to be said about her.

Johnny Depp was of course amazing, and has once again somewhat impressivly found a slightly different way to play crazy than he has before. The estethic work of the character was very fine, especially the make-up and eyes.

One of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, fight club etc., also known for slightly mad characters) was most entertaining as the red queen, and I started to laugh a couple of times when she bellowed “off with their heads!” during the movie.

Sadly, Anne Hathaway did not impress as the white queen, although I’m not sure it was she herself, or if it was badly instructed by the director. It didn’t make me feel like she was a real queen. And one thing I am sure of though, is that it doesn’t do to have very black eyebrows and mouth when the rest of you is white; it looked odd (in a bad way).

The story is a fairly normal fantasy-story with a hero, the good side and the bad side, but it’s done in a quirky way, and how it relates to madness and the abnormal is maybe why it keeps being as popular as it is. I think that’s what I like about it at least. Although the film wasn’t what you might say emotionally engaging og spectactular, it was definately amusing and beautifully produced, with a lot of colors and displays of imagination! Well spent money, and I heartily recommend it .

And, I must add, every visit to the cinema is joyful when you go with this pair! Berge and Kine are my favorites when it comes to several things, actually. :)

Mer penger!

FrP og Siv Jensen kritiserte i nyhetene i går regjeringen for å bruke for lite penger på et Norge i “forfall” under oppseilingen til forhandlingene for neste års statsbudsjett. Løsning: å bruke stadig mer penger av oljefondet.
Når Siv Jensen spør om man ikke heller vil overlate et velholdt land til sine barn istedet for å overlate et forfallent land med mange penger på bok, virker det jo som om svaret er enkelt, og tilsynelatende skal det ikke finnes grenser for hvor mange penger man kan bruke av fondet.

Jo, det virker jo som en så god ide og en enkel løsning på et vanskelig problem at det jommen er rart ingen rødgrønne har tenkt på det før. Og jeg sitter der og tenker: det må virkelig være fint å bo FrP-verden, hvor alt er så enkelt og greit. Men jeg tenker også at det er ganske bra at Siv Jensen ikke er finansminister. Visstnok er ikke jeg noen samfunnsøkonom, men til og med jeg har vett nok til å forstå at det fins noe som heter konjunkturer, og at usannsynlige mengder med friske oljepenger som blir sprøytet inn i samfunnet vil skyve hele den liberale markedsøkonomien (som høyresiden er så glad i) ut av balanse.

Dinner: Baked salmon

Being at home gives certain advantages, for example the fact that I can buy and make all kinds of food I want for dinner with a little help from my father’s money. That means a lot of fresh vegetables and experimenting!

This was a fairly basic dinner, but it tasted delicious! (The pics aren’t the best, I didn’t remeber shooting until after we had taken the first serving. Ignore that, please.)

The potatoes:

Wash as many potatoes as you like and slice them in centimeter-thick slices. Keek the peel on. You can sprinkle almost any seasoning you like on them. I used some thyme, oregano, salt, black pepper and a bit of rosemary. Pour a little oil over it and wrap it in aluminium foil. It should be baked at least half an hour at 200 degrees, so put it in the over before the fish.

The baked salmon:

You’ll need
A couple of hazelnuts
Soy sauce

Slice the squash and chop the leek (lots of leek, yumm!), layer it and add sliced paprika. Season it with salt and pepper, and pour some soy sauce and freshly squeezed lemon juice over. You can spare a little lemon juice to be added just before serving as well. At least one lemon, but if you like lemons, two would also be good. I used one for two people.
Put the salmon on top. (Fresh salmon is good, but if you buy frozen, the best thing is to thaw it in the refridgerator. Put it in the same morning, or let it thaw overnight.) Rosemary, thyme and a couple of laural leaves will add the right flavour. Place a little lump of butter on each piece of fish, and in the end, sprinkle some chopped hazelnuts on top of it. Then: bake! Appr. 20 minutes at 200 degrees.


I just made a really simple salad with tomato (a sweet type), sugar peas and rucola salad. Lemon juice, a little oil and pepper. Feta cheese would also be good.


True Love

It is not good to know
what is this thing called Love
and what it takes to say
“I love you, dearest one”

Alas, you often find
that True Love comes along
too early or too late
or sometimes not at all

For me it has been all
or none of the above
for True Love often comes
in many different forms

Althought I often find
myself the lucky one
if such a luck it is
to have someone to miss,

the truth is hard to grasp:
that True Love often means
to have to let go of
the one you truly love