Since I’m home in Bergen for a few days (after a massive trip to the UK, more about that later!), it was a good opportunity to hook-up with my friend Håkon again and get some studiotime. It’s been a long while, and I was once again reminded how awesome it was! When I arrived, he played some pop-tunes he’s been working on, and said “hey, how about we just make something new right now?”
It’s so much fun to make something when it’s no ambitions about it, when it’s just for fun and almost like a parody of itself. We tried to make a really simple pop-tune with clichelyrics and harmonies; Håkon programmed the drums in like five minutes while I smacked together a song and some words, and it was really fun to see how it came along! Some of it is actually not half bad.

The result can be heard here:

He Calls me Crazy

Today and lately has made me think about to which degree my life has turned out to evolve around studying, reading and learning. The big ups and downs are missing, and so is the time and energy to be creative. But now as spring is coming along, I’m beginning to wish that I could spend all my time just making things, music, drawings, clothes… Cause that is something that makes me feel alive, and I miss doing it. Have to spend my time better, I think. Create more, and stop thinking everything has to be perfect to bother making it.

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