Kings of Convenience-låter passer ofte best til midtsommer eller sensommer, til de sene kveldene etter lange dager i solen, hvor hodet er slitent og huden er sår, hvor både nærhet og savn virker så utrolig virkelig, og hvor livet er bittersøtt og alt er mulig.

Men denne passer også til dager som i dag, hvor man innser at lite i livet blir som man håper, men at den første vårsolen tross alt er fantastisk.

Kings Of Convenience – 24-25


Less writing these days, I realise. That happens sometimes, I guess, and I also guess it’s because I’m either lazy, worn out or preoccupied. Either way, it means that a lot of things has happened and it happening all the time, that I forget or postpone to write, and this is therefore a little summary of many things that has happened (mostly me me me!).

The first, foremost and most recent thing: I have become an aunt! FinallY! Been waiting for it for about ten years, and now my fantastic brother has become a father to a beautiful baby girl. Her name is Alma, and she looks approxiamtely like this:

Now, I’m not really a baby person, but I’m quite certain that this one will end up being the coolest kid in the street (one has to be with those parents!), and getting to be an aunt is one of the things that makes me look forward to move to Oslo next year. I can’t wait to get to know her!

The second thing, if somebody wondered, is that I’m now definately happily cancer-free; something I found out after having seen the doctor and getting a biopsy (yay tough me!). Which means that I’ll probably live till at least twenty-six still.

Now, I havent’ got around to show pictures of the Trip yet, so that’ll be the next hing. Ola and I went to Scotland and England in the beginning of March with no spesific plans and a week to do as we pleased. It was amazing, and we of course tried to see and do as much as we could on as little time as we could. Brief synopsis: Edinburgh was wonderful, the scottish highlands was outstanding, Edradour is the cutest distillery, the pictouresque Eilean Donan castle is my new favorite spot to get married (not that I had one before), Inverness was cute, I didn’t see the Loch Ness Monster, road trip is fun, Stirling doesn’t have any inhabitants, there are a lot of hostels with comfy beds, York is my new absolute favorite city, and the markets and night club life in London was absolutely spectacular (and 5 cl often means a lot more).
And some selected pics: (I shot about 1400 :-p)

I also spent the Easter in Nordfjord with my parents, two sisters and aunt and uncle. We worked all day every day on the house, and it’s really coming along now! I literally can’t wait until we actually can live in it, and I’m planning an extended stay this summer to really get some work done, and have an actual holiday over a couple of weeks amongst the sea and the mountains. I never quite relax as I do when I’m home in Nordfjord.

Mainly we isolated the house, hammered up plates and did some plumbing work. All the stuff that’s time-consuming and has to be done, but doesn’t really show, you know?
Here’s some footage of that:

Other than that? Spring has finally arrived in Trondheim! (Apart from a minor setback of a couple of days with snow the last week.) I am excruciatingly happy to see the sun again, it had been gone so long that I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come back. I can’t wait till May when I can sit outside in the park and study instead of sitting inside all the time. I love May! (Apart from all the exams.) Springtime is awesome.
And lastly, I finally began writing my bachelor assignment today. Just starting being the wort part, I really hope that from now on everyhting will go speedily, so I can really focus on intensive reading in a few weeks.


Feel nothing, keep going.

I need a piss,
I wanna hate,
Fuck it up, come.
My love,
Eat your meat,
Keep your teeth, run.
You lost me,
You cost me,
You taught me of me in the end.
We’re bad,
What we do.
Stupid fools.

You wanna get boned,
You wanna get stoned,
You wanna get a room like no-one else.
You wanna be rich,
You wanna be kitsch,
You wanna be the bastard of yourself.
You wanna get burned,
You wanna get turned,
You wanna get fucked inside out.
You wanna be ruled,
You wanna be fooled,
You wanna be a woman like a man,
Like a woman like a man.

Damien Rice – Woman Like A Man


I dag stod jeg i mange timer og maskerte og oljet treverket til trappen i Nordfjord. Den kom i går i mange biter, og var nypusset og flott. Stor og massiv er den, med femten trinn, i lyst heltre, og mens jeg oljet de store, flate trinnene, ble teksturen og fargene i treet gradvis mørkere og mer synlig.
Mens jeg stod der og jobbet, vandret tankene. Det er lett å bli tankefull når man bygger hus. Når man setter på plass alle bitene og bygger noe som skal vare i mange år, da begynner man å tenke på tiden og minner som skal skapes.

Jeg tenkte på hvordan trappen kommer til å se ut når den er ferdig. Hvordan huset blir til slutt. Hvordan man kan gå opp fra kjelleren og ende midt i stuen, i hjertet av huset. Hvordan man kan runde svingen og komme opp til dekket bord og en familie som venter. Og jeg tenkte:
Hva kommer trappen til å oppleve? Hvor lenge vil den stå der? Hvor lenge forblir den ny og skinnende? Hvor mange år til den er nedslitt og sjelfull? Kommer tantebarna mine til å klatre opp disse trinnene? Kommer jeg selv til å få barn som triller nedover trappen? Kommer denne trappen en gang til å avsløre stegene til min kjære eller gammel venn som kommer på besøk og lister seg på tå? Kommer jeg til å sette meg sliten og fortvilet ned på den en gang? Vil den en gang bli en stor utfordring? Vil den alltid være en gammel venn? Hvor mange kalorier vil bli brent i denne trappen opp gjennom årene?

Vil trappen enda stå der etter at jeg ikke lever lenger?