Wandering a.n.

And once again I have to ask my self:

“was it just a dream?”
But the pictures of us reminds me
that it really happened.
I don’t recall a single care
just greenery and humid air
and the memories of nights spent
in intence states of excitement
thinking “these are moments to remember.”

Now I know that it was all but lies,
and that I once more was made to be
nothing more than a doormat.

But those are many months past
and if I saw you now,  I wouldn’t think twice
about who you are or what you’re worth

Still, I remember what you made me feel
And late at night I have to stop
and ask myself once more:
If I had someone, someone like that
to walk me home and hold my hand
and lie next to me every night,
Would I cease to feel so lonely?

One thought on “Wandering a.n.

  1. Just another cheer says:

    I’m curious to know exactly how you are
    I keep my distance but that distance is too far
    Yet I return to the red-flared scene of crimes
    and ask for another rum & coke, please no limes
    I pass you a hundred to answer your fine
    And awkwardly smile as your eyes meet mine
    yet you seem sad, you gaze beyond me
    Why, my dear, do you look so lonely?

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