Hello Oslo!

It’s a little while since last time, and with a perfectly good explanation. The last few weeks I’ve been really preoccupied with moving, and now I’m finally an Oslo citizen!

I’m living at my best friend Cathrine’s place for a little while, whilst I’m looking for a place for my own to rent with my sister. She’s coming from Bergen in some weeks’ time.

Leaving Trondheim was a little sad, and so it should be, I guess. It has been my home for nearly four years, and some of my best memories are from there. It was also hard to leave Brukbar, my work place and second home for several years. But the hardest thing was to leave my wonderful boyfriend, who will be continuing to live in Trondheim, at least for the time being. However, I have to believe that this time apart will be a chance to experience the relationship in new ways, have time to do our own projects and get a chance to miss one another a little bit. I think it’s healthy, and it will be even more wonderful each time we see each other.

It’s strange being in a new city where you never know which way to turn or where to go! It’s a long time since I’ve felt this confused. But it’s also nice to feel a little insecure, and feel like there’s something new and exciting everywhere. Now the spring has finally come (at least in Oslo), and the sun is really warming you up when you take a stroll outside. The snow has been melting very fast the last few days. So the weather accompanies the new transition very well, underlining the feeling of new beginnings.

I’ve got a temporary full-time job at a very nice kindergarten. I was there yesterday and got settled in a bit, and I have my first full work day on friday. I think it will be really exciting, doing something I’ve never done before. And the people there seem very nice and friendly.

Besides this, I’ve done a lot of membership enlistings etc., like ordering a subscription to the Aftenposten-newspaper, which I’m very fond of (and I love being able to read the newspaper in the morning), renewing my Amnesty international membership and things like that. And now, I’m going to enlist to the local gym and have a work-out with Cathrine! Finally.