Another summer ending

Yet another summer is coming to an end – not that there’s been a lot of summer really, but that’s how it is here up north – and a lot has happened, in which the terrorist attack that rocked the Norwegian nation, along with the rest of the world, is the thing that sadly looms over everything else here at home.

A lot of wellspoken words have been said as a response to that, and the whole of the Norwegian people has been united in sorrow for the last couple of weeks. To make sense out of such a senseless act has proven to be hard, and many of us have had to search the darkest and deepest cavaties of our minds in search of it. The response to the doings that killed 77 people, most of them young and optimistic, has seemed to be to retaliate with a more inclusive and engaged society, at least for the time being. People far better than me, and with a bigger heart than me, have spoken a lot of showing love in the face of hate, and these are words that people need to hear to grasp the reality and find meaning for oneself.

As for me, I was at work in Oslo the day the bomb went off and Oslo became a new and dangerous place. We were inside the kindergarten some distance from the city centre, and I didn’t know about anything until my boyfriend called a few minutes later, telling me about what had happened, and asking me to get safely home. He had been walking past the centre of the explotion under an hour before it happened. At home, the windows had bulged under the pressure from the explotion. After the dust had settled, I just kept counting my blessings that none of my dear ones had been hurt og killed. But others has lost those dearest to them, and their lives has been changed for ever.

Life is precious and all too short, as we are continously reminded of. But I think that it is in situations like these, when we are faced with hatred, violence, desperacy, that we really feel it. That we remember that in the big picture, nothing else matters than human lives, and the love we share with each other.


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