And here are the last pics…

…From Jotunheimen :)

Fleskedalen, the valley where all the bad weather came from.

Safely arrived at Ingjerdbu!

Time for the last day of walking.


Bye, Ingjerdbu!

Vettisfossen, Norway’s longest waterfall, 275 m.

The view down to Vetti gard

Folkevegen, “the people’s road”, a 6 km long road from Vetti gard to Hjelle. It was made as Norway’s biggest volunteer labour project.

Looking forward to seeing civilization again.

One thought on “And here are the last pics…

  1. Marc Doudin says:

    Amazing, I just made the same pictures like the first two of yours.. I already thought those were mine.. What a beautiful time it was up there :) Kind regards, Marc from Switzerland

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