Summer recap part 2: Jotunheimen, beautiful and brutal

So, as a follow-up on my post on eventful things I have done this summer, I thought I would show some pics from the trip we had to Jotunheimen. This was at the beginning of August, and I had a couple of weeks of free time between the end of my kindergarten work and the beginning of the school semester. Martin Leander had always wanted to take a trip to Jotunheimen, and since I had seen some of its beauty on a trip last year, I was optimistic about the idea. We had planned a week of trekking, from the western part (Turtagrø) and into the mountains, walking from west to east, through Skogadalsbøen and Olavsbu to Gjendebu, and then turning and finally ending at Fondsbu in the south.

We planned a camping trip, so we brought a sleeping bags and a tent, along with a primus stove, gas and food for a whole week. The backpacks were VERY heavy. Martin’s weighed approximately 24 kg, and I guess mine was right below 20.

Then came the trip. We started out optimistic, but already after the first night, the spirit began to swoop. What we hoped would be relatively nice weather turned out to be more or less heavy rainfall, throughout the journey. And I mean, it rained almost every second of every minute of every hour of the day. After the first hour we were already soaked through, and the minute we stopped walking, we would get freezing cold. Over the mountain tops it was foggy and hard to see, and the rock ground was slippery. But for my part, the worst of it was the heavy load on my back, because my feet were over-exerted. The second day it seemed like an eternity to walk to the nearest cabin, but the thought of the alternative – to stop, setting up the tent in the rain, and then use hours to try to get some warmth in our bodies, before we would have to put on out cold and wet clothes again the next morning – was so little tempting to consider that it kept us going. We were cold, hungry and very aching, especially on the last part of the day’s walk, but finally managed to get there. After we had arrived at the cabin later that night and put some warm and dry clothes on, we had to realise that we were little prepared for this kind of hard core trip, and that it wouldn’t be any nice to keep going as planned in pouring rain for a week. So we took the easiest way out, and kept going south down Utledalen for two days before arriving in Øvre Årdal, and taking the bus to Bergen.

It was extremely wonderful to come home to a warm house and eat a big, home-cooked meal!

So here’s some pics. Aside from the bad weather, our low morale, the coldness and aching bodies, the trip was ok. I mean, the scenary wasn’t exactly bad, as you might see!

Optimism at Turtagrø

Starting view

Hurrungane in the south


Putting up the tent on the first night

Starting the next day

…And then no pics before we had arrived at the cabin.

Gloomy weather.

We spent the entire next day by the fireplace in the living room, looking out at the dreary weather, and playing cards and dice games

…discussing the route for the day after.

Walking from Skogadalsbøen.

Toguh guy posing!


The view up Utladalen, in direction of Skogadalsbøen.


Hurrungane from the east.


Someone are in for a cloudberry-treat.


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