Troy Davis heading for the gallows

I’m quite convinced that the United states of America is the country with the largest number of moral ironies in the world. Despite the fact that it calls itself a leading country in development and modernization, it is in many aspects a developing country.

One of the examples to prove that is the country’s total lack of will to ratify or even try to follow BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

One should think that a country as “modern”, “developed” and certainly powerful as the US, bearing some moral highground, would have come as far as to reckognize the principals which a well-functioning democracy is built on (being as it is that they seemingly praise democracy so high), but no. We see it time after time. At this point, the US is the only country in the world (apart from Somalia, which is in lack of a functioning government) that haven’t ratified something as basic as the children’s convention on human rights. This is of course extremely disturbing, but the fact that they still practise the death penalty is the most horrific at all.

That someone can be centenced to death is of course in itself a direct breach of the human rights declaration. Regardless of whether the person in question in guilty or not. What signifies the persons that are convicted to the death penalty can often be that they’re poor (because the rich ones have ways to avoid these uncomfortable situations), have had an extremely bad timing, or that the judge just doesn’t like’em.

The human rights clearly states that every person has a right to live, and when someone takes a life away, it’s murder. That this “someone” is a state, doesn’t legitimize it, it only makes it much, much worse.

But, when the person in question, like in this case with Troy Davis, is convicted without any evidence, it just makes the whole practise downright horrific. In this case, Davis has been sitting on a cell for eighteen years, there’s no proof that he’s done a crime, and seven out of nine witnesses have pulled their statements. And still the judge has decided to go ahead with the death penalty! Not only has the United States without any right ruined a man’s life forever by stealing away 18 years of his life, he will now also be murdered for something he can’t be proven to have done. And this goes on in the world’s so-called most modern country!

This is the US’s way of saying screw you, guys, we actually don’t give a shit about life worth, human rights or a fair legal system. We do as we want to, because we are just so fucking awesome, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Well, I don’t think it’s OK. And you shouldn’t think it’s okay. Because it’s not. It sucks. And it’s time to put a stop to it. Americans: Wake up. This isn’t tha way you want your society to be.

So what can you do?

A lot of things.

Read about Troy Davis’ case, for example here. And here.
Join Amnesty.
Sign petitions, for example Amnesty Norway’s protest petition.
Arrange demonstrations.
Put pressure on your government.
Engage in the public debate.
Talk to your friends about this.
And remember this face:

This is the guy.