On the move

After almost a year in different cities, my boyfriend and I have finally decided to move together. He’s moving all the way from Trondheim to Oslo. My move will be a lot shorter :) We’ve found a big and cosy apartment at Grünerløkka, about fifteen minutes’ walk from where I live now. The move will happen in January. Yey!

It’s a really strange situation in our family right now, actually. We’re five siblings, and every one of us is going to move to a new place during the next two months. Luckily, no-one is moving very far. My brother has bought a house outside Oslo (so we’ll no longer be neighbours), one of my sister is looking for her own place to buy, and the two others are moving to new rentals. A lot of things happening! Not often we exprience so much moving around at the same time in this family.

Of course, with the move and my desperate search for a job (something with preferrably a miniscule relevance to my studies, and a minimum of reliability), in addition to all the things happening in Spire, concentrating on my studies is very hard right now. I have my last exam on Monday, six days from now. And I really can’t seem to focus on what I read at all! The worst possible timing! Knowledge just won’t go in to my brain. In addition, I just got a phone from the school I work as a substitute teacher on, and they asked if I could work tomorrow and the day after. Since I’m dead broke, and really need all the money I can get (especially with this move coming up), I can’t afford to say no. And in addition, Martin is coming down for the weekend. That is probably not good for my exam either, but I haven’t seen him in a month now, and we celebrate our one year anniversary on friday, so not seeing him is not an option.

Conclusion: Not boding well for my exam! I comfort myself with the fact that exams aren’t everything, and I can survive not getting an A on this (but preferrably I’ll get a B). And, I’ve been quite a good student during the semester, so let’s hope that counts for something.
On the other hand: I’ve been in a relationship for a whole year! It’s crazy. Go me! (And my wonderful boyfriend, of course :) ) That’s worth celebrating, I think.

This is the tune for today, by the way. Casiokids has made a new and brilliant album. Check it out!

Casiokids – Selskapets triste avslutning

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