Alice in Wonderland

Sunday is a fine day to go to the cinema, and tonight we watched Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland. The film is entertaining and well-made, and if you like Burton’s works, you’ll like this one.

Mia Wasikovska is a fairly unknown actress, although I’ve seen her from time to time when I watched some episodes of HBO’s “In treatment” last summer (a very good TV-series about psychology). She did a wonderful job as Alice in the movie. Not much bad to be said about her.

Johnny Depp was of course amazing, and has once again somewhat impressivly found a slightly different way to play crazy than he has before. The estethic work of the character was very fine, especially the make-up and eyes.

One of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, fight club etc., also known for slightly mad characters) was most entertaining as the red queen, and I started to laugh a couple of times when she bellowed “off with their heads!” during the movie.

Sadly, Anne Hathaway did not impress as the white queen, although I’m not sure it was she herself, or if it was badly instructed by the director. It didn’t make me feel like she was a real queen. And one thing I am sure of though, is that it doesn’t do to have very black eyebrows and mouth when the rest of you is white; it looked odd (in a bad way).

The story is a fairly normal fantasy-story with a hero, the good side and the bad side, but it’s done in a quirky way, and how it relates to madness and the abnormal is maybe why it keeps being as popular as it is. I think that’s what I like about it at least. Although the film wasn’t what you might say emotionally engaging og spectactular, it was definately amusing and beautifully produced, with a lot of colors and displays of imagination! Well spent money, and I heartily recommend it .

And, I must add, every visit to the cinema is joyful when you go with this pair! Berge and Kine are my favorites when it comes to several things, actually. :)