Neida, alt er ikke bare skole, seriøse meninger, heldagsseminarer og hardt arbeid. Man koser seg jo også litt når det er høst, må vite. Og heldigvis er det masse fint å se tilbake på når man i disse dager sitter innelåst med bøkene i fanget.

Noe av det er jeg mest fornøyd med fra høsten, er å ha funnet en kjempefin sykkel! Jeg, Is og Martin Leander dro ut på eventyrferd til et kjempestort loppemarked i Bærum en dag i oktober, og der fant jeg mitt røde vidunder til slunkne 150 kr inkludert en helt fin sykkelpumpe.

Her er Martin som inspiserer :)

Det var helt vanvittig mange ting der, blant annet mange fine møbler!


I tillegg til sykkelen, fant Martin et par Star Wars-bøker, Is fant en stor og varm jakke, og jeg fant fem brettspill til femti kroner. Strike! Fornøyde folk.

Foruten upåklagelige loppemarkeder, har det vært masse god mat i høst. Kine Renate inviterte til herlig middag i den nye fine leiligheten (for henne, kjæresten bodde der fra før). Det var tidenes kveld!


…Og selvsagt måtte alt dokumenteres :)

Tapas er så utrolig deilig mat. Og veldig greit å invitere til, for alle tar bare med litt hver, også blir det fantastisk bra tilsammen. Problemet er bare at magen blir mett veldig mye før øynene! Men men, når man har god mat, god vin og gode venner, er ikke livet annet enn perfekt.

Ellers byr selvfølgelig høsten på flotte farger. Her er noen bilder fra Trondheimsturen min i slutten av oktober:

Oktober betyr jo, i hvert fall annenhvert år, at det er tid for UKA. I år fikk jeg bare vært med på H-helg, men den ene helgen er jo til gjengjeld mer spekket av folk og moro enn hele resten av UKA til sammen. Så mange bilder ble det ikke derfra, men jeg fikk sneket til meg et bilde av Pirum sin sang under festmøtet da vi skulle se revyen! Er de ikke fine? :)

Og sist, men ikke minst: Ingen kos uten sushi!

Her spiste vi middag på Restaurant Øst, en thai- og sushisjappe i Calmeyers gate midt i Oslo sentrum. Veldig grei plass med godt utvalg og gode priser!

Restless summer

So far, the summer has been very much all over the place, with a week here and half a week there. Sadly, the weather has not been up to par, and I must admit that I haven’t even taken a swim in the sea yet. Maybe, just maybe, the weather will improve in the coming weeks before (god help me) the autumn rain and storms, and eventually the Trondheim bloody freezing winter appears again in October. Although, this being an exceptionally shitty year weatherwise, I doubt it.

The summer startet in june, after my exams were over. I spent two weeks working and enjoying the brief, fresh air of freedom before I borrowed the books for next semester’s curriculum. It turned out to be a bit less work than I thought, so I could spend some days just reading, exploring Munkholmen, and finally, moving all my stuff from my old room to my new room before I took off to Bergen. June 20th was my niece’s baptism, and we all travelled to lovely Sunnhordaland to be there. That was some of the warmest, sunniest days so far, and the scenery in Hardanger is just spectacular. Here is me holding beautiful Alma! :)

After the baptism, I spent almost a week in Bergen with my parents, mostly being a bit worn-down with the flu. Then I went to Kristiansand, a city I’ve never been to before. Here I went to visit Kine Renate, and we spent a day at Hove to see a.o. Muse play live, which is always worth it. Here I got a miniscule tan after spending two days in the warm south-norwegian sun.
Then I said my farewell to Kine who’s travelling around the world starting this september, and went north to Nordfjord. The house was almost as I had left it in the Easter, but during the week I spent there, and hopefully the following couple of weeks this summer, it will see some major imrovements. The pipes and electricity is more or less complete now, so it’s soon just a matter of finishing the isolating and putting up some walls until we can begin to furniture it! I started painting the terrace fence, and it was fun to see how the colors looked like in real life. We’ll go for a light olive green on the house and a darker green on the corners and around the windows. I think it’ll look great.
After a week and a half I went back to Bergen, and I’ve been here for five days now, just hoping to see some of Cat and Is before I fly back to Trondheim on Monday. There I will work as much as I can before school starts in late August.

A big thing that happened personally, was that I dyed my hair from red to a sort of blackish, or at least a very dark brown color. I thought I was going to wait until next year, but I found out that I didn’t want to wait any longer. And so, after being a red head for a decade, I guess it’s safe to say it’s the end of an era. Other than that, nothing of much significance has happened, I think. But I must say it was quite dramatic on Wednsday, when we where playing volley on Cat’s family’s “vacation island”. My little finger got a smack, and was suddenly standing out almost horisantally from the second joint. Firstly, I panicked because of the sheer ugliness of the thing, but after a while, we all calmed down and got to the medic in the city. After a while of waiting, I got it bent back into place (which, by the way, was very painful!).

So everyone, be careful when playing sports! Dislocated fingers hurt!


Oh my God, I can scarcely believe it, but: It’s summer!

First: I know I haven’t been writing for a while. My life hasn’t been very interesting, and May has mostly been spent reading, writing and reading a bit more. I have written one of my two bachelor assignments as well as preparing for three exams. And today has been my first day of freedom after those exams. Yesterday I had my last (family and childhood sociology) and I delivered my psychology assignment just afterward (without even reading it thoughroughly through). Then I spent a good 1200 kr on new curriculum books – just as a treat – and went to work out for the first time in two weeks. As I ran on the treadmill and listened to high-volume-music, it eventually came to me, the feeling of knowing that I had made it through a whole semester of studying twice as much as what’s expected as well as managing a half-time job. I had grown so accostumed to the weight on my shoulders that I didn’t notice it until it fell from them. My God!

Now, all I lack (in theory) is a sociology bachelor assignment (15 study points of worth) and then I’m done with my bachelor. I’ll still spend another year, most likely, on taking additional subjects purely for fun, and try to improve the grades of some I’ve already taken, but basically, I’m starting to see an end to it. And, as we know, an end to something is always the start of something new. These days, I can all but dream of how this new beginning will be, and of all the exciting things that will happen. Although it’s still a year ’till I kiss Trondheim goodbye, I think a lot of good and inspiring things will happen before then. I’ll read a lot, learn a lot, see a lot and hopefully feel a lot. I’m excited, naive and optimistic, and it’s a rare feeling that must be enjoyed.

Yesterday, I went to the theatre to celebrate myself and see a play, a musical named Spring Awakening, at Trøndelag teater. It was really an amazing performance. It made me think of two things: (1) I miss theatre; the acting, the performance, the feeling of stage life, and the way it makes me feel to see the actors so involved in the story and so in tune with each other. (2) I really miss music. Although I listen to music every day, I miss playing, and I miss being a part of a big orchestra. When I grow up, I’ll buy a beautiful and expensive cello, and play it alone in a big room, with myself as the only spectator.

Tomorrow, I will party as I’ve never partied before, and drink, eat and laugh to honor my dearest Kine Renate, who’ve finished a grade in anthropology, and soon is to leave Trondheim for good in order to investigate the rest of the big, adventurous World.

My safe Haven in a terrifying world. Dear me, how will I ever manage without her?

Alice in Wonderland

Sunday is a fine day to go to the cinema, and tonight we watched Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland. The film is entertaining and well-made, and if you like Burton’s works, you’ll like this one.

Mia Wasikovska is a fairly unknown actress, although I’ve seen her from time to time when I watched some episodes of HBO’s “In treatment” last summer (a very good TV-series about psychology). She did a wonderful job as Alice in the movie. Not much bad to be said about her.

Johnny Depp was of course amazing, and has once again somewhat impressivly found a slightly different way to play crazy than he has before. The estethic work of the character was very fine, especially the make-up and eyes.

One of my favorite actresses, Helena Bonham Carter (Harry Potter, fight club etc., also known for slightly mad characters) was most entertaining as the red queen, and I started to laugh a couple of times when she bellowed “off with their heads!” during the movie.

Sadly, Anne Hathaway did not impress as the white queen, although I’m not sure it was she herself, or if it was badly instructed by the director. It didn’t make me feel like she was a real queen. And one thing I am sure of though, is that it doesn’t do to have very black eyebrows and mouth when the rest of you is white; it looked odd (in a bad way).

The story is a fairly normal fantasy-story with a hero, the good side and the bad side, but it’s done in a quirky way, and how it relates to madness and the abnormal is maybe why it keeps being as popular as it is. I think that’s what I like about it at least. Although the film wasn’t what you might say emotionally engaging og spectactular, it was definately amusing and beautifully produced, with a lot of colors and displays of imagination! Well spent money, and I heartily recommend it .

And, I must add, every visit to the cinema is joyful when you go with this pair! Berge and Kine are my favorites when it comes to several things, actually. :)